Sunday night blues

Do you know what is worse than a Monday morning?? Its the Sunday night! We already start feeling drowsy and lazy about the next week where we have to face new challenges,stress and maybe some happy moments.And in between all these chaos, we wait for another weekend.Life was seriously made to be this way!
I really feel that Sundays should never end for it frees me with all the stress which hovers around me the rest of the days.This may sound lazy of me but this is what I think.Sadly, the bitter truth is this would never happen but there’s no harm in expressing our wish.

I am pretty sure most of you must be suffering from this syndrome,to which I call it ‘sunday night blues’;)



Everyday on my way to the college,I happened to come across a small poor family on the bylanes.They dont have proper shelter,poorly dressed,very little to eat.But one thing that caught my eye was their happiness. Despite not blessed with best of the things in life they were happy.Every person has a smile on their face.They play together,laugh loudly,run across the road.This makes me question myself.

Inspite of having blessed with life three treasures-food,clothing and shelter,am I happy as they are!!.The answer I got everytime was NO.We tend to find happiness in worldly desires but fail to realise that happiness comes in small things. Life has its own share of ups and downs , the thing is from these difficulties we find our  fair share of happiness and joy.We need to forego expectations, desires, ego, hatred, jealousy.This can be difficult but its not impossible.

‘Joy is what happens to us when we recognise how good things really are’

-Marriene Williamson




























The debut

So this is my first ever blog and I am pretty excited about this.I had never ever had a thought that I may be writing blogs but it somehow happened.Before making up my mind I was already thinking about ‘what to write?’I thought some,some were suggested by a friend and not too surprising,I am still undecided.

Even while  writing this piece of blog,I am constantly thinking about what to actually start with.I was never a good writer nor an avid reader and know that I can never be one.But life is so dull without challenges.I love to challenge myself everytime.Hope I get out of this victorious!I cannot write poems or shayaris but can surely put words together and bring out something thats equally beautiful as both✌