This one is inspired by a woman in my own life who refused to succumb to life pressures and finally emerged out as a conquerer.She inspires me to never stop believing in oneself and and never give up hope in any circumstances.

Sitting under the moonlight,gazing at the stars,tears welled down her eyes.She was heart-broken and cursing for the life she was living.The dreams of a wonderful life were all shattered at once.As she suffered all watched in silence but no one willing to help her.There was no one who would take her into her arms and say,”everything’s gonna be fine”.But something inside was still giving her the strength to live.There was something which was even greater and strong than her sufferings.

At the time when everyone thought she gave up, she stood again.It was like she had never fallen before.Everything had faded away but the thing that kept her alive was hope.She understood falling doesn’t matters but rising is that all counts.Many tried to pull her down but the belief in herself grew mightier.She was not afraid of the thorns or the raging waves.She puts the brightest of smiles on her face towards life.The spirit of living life never dies.




So near yet so far

I miss the love that you never showered upon me

I miss the warmth of your hand that you never let me hold

I miss the care that you never showed

I miss the hug that you never gave

I miss your affection that never came my way

You are so near yet so far❤


“Would you just hold me in your arms?”,she asked,

He was ignorant.

I want you to play with me the childish games,I want you to take me for rides.

I want you to buy me the stuff I like,I want you to be my santa for life.

I want you to shower upon me your heavenly love,I want you to kiss me good night.

I wonder why you are not like others,

I wonder why you are so heartless.

“Would you just hold me in your arms”? she asked again,

He was still ignorant.

The father-daughter relationship was ruined.Forever

Get set,Rio!

Its just few hours to go for the greatest sporting extravaganza,the Olympics which is all set to take place at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.India with its 145-strong contingent,-its biggest ever,would be hoping to make multiple podium finishes at the games.Although athletes have made us proud at various instances winning multiple bronze and silver medals,this time India hopes that the national anthem plays at the games.

India has a fair chance of podium finishes.We have some of the best of athletes competing against the world’s best.Saina Nehwal,PV Sindhu(badminton),Sania Mirza,Leander Paes(tennis),Dutee Chand(sprint),Dipa Karmakar(gymnastic),Jitu Rai(shooting),Deepika Kumari,Laxmirani Manjhi,Bombayla Devi(archery),Shiva Thapa(boxing),Narsingh Yadav,Vinesh Phogat(wrestling),Anirban Lahiri(golf),the Indian hockey team(men and women)are some of the best bets of India at Rio.

There are some of the others too who have proved their potential and booked their spots at the Games.With so many controversies surrounding the games,the Indian contingent has come a long way.Beating all the odds,the athletes seemed to be ready to take the games by storm.We don’t have an amazing history at the games with the last gold medal coming at the 2008 Beijing Olympics,India hopes to change the course of history.

Get set,Rio!✌

The Best Friend

To best friend-turned-stranger,

                         Its been a long time since we stopped talking but the fact is there’s not a single day which went without missing you.Our friendship was not that old but the bond was deeper and it deepened day-by-   day.You always made me feel that I am important to you and that you cared for me like no one else did.I always had in my mind that you would forever stay in my life no matter what.

I never had a friend like you and will never have one in future any time.You were not only a great friend but a beautiful human being and I know that you are still the same.The only difference is you are not my friend anymore.

 Even while this piece you are completely in my mind and would always be.I really want to break the ice between us but my ego wont let me do this.This fake pride and ego is detering to get back my once-best friend.

You may never read this piece but I really wanted you to know that a person like you would be forever etched in my heart❤

                               Yours forever-best -friend