Probably,I am having my worst weekend.Wait..its not even a weekend but a nightmare!

The story goes this way..

You toil hard for an entire week but back in your crazy mind there is a long waiting for a Sunday.A day where you are tension -free and also prepare for another busy week ahead.

I did the same and life suddenly backfired.On Saturday,I am informed to work even on Sunday!!!

This came as a shock to which I am still trembling.

And while writing this,I still couldn’t make up my mind to work tomorrow with similar kind of energy which I carry on through whole week

I cannot write further.

I am saddened and shaken!😭



Yesterday American sitcom,F.R.I.E.N.D.S completed 22 years of a splendid journey of being the greatest show ever.

Its been 12 years since the it ended,the show wins a new set of audiences every day and thats only adding to the show’s never-ending glory.

I am proud to say that I have end up into being the show’s greatest fan ever.I wake up till 1 at night just to catch the episodes and when done watching it on television I turn to Youtube.

Chandler,Ross,Phoebe,Rachael,Monica and Joey have become a integral part of my life.Its the charm of the lead actors that make the audiences their own.

Call it my passion or obsession,I am the happiest person on this earth when I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

I call it the FRIENDStastic show ever to be made!


Today has been an emotional day for me.I happened to revisit the place  where we used to live earlier.As I stepped onto that place,millions of memories whether pleasant or bad started hovering my mind.I was feeling like as we are still living there.

The house,the verandah,trees around it,all just made me so nostalgic.I started missing my big joint family,the absolute chaos of small kids,the various festivals which we used to celebrate together which gave me ultimate happiness.

Having left the place four years back where I spent 15 years of beautiful moments makes me emotional.I miss the warmth and the pleasant vibes of it.

It was the most wonderful place for me as I have learnt some of the best life lessons.Its difficult to forget the place which gave you so much selflessly.

However with good times also comes the bad memories.I’ve had some but being nostalgic only makes you remind of the pleasant moments and not the bad ones.

Whatsover wherever I go,whatever I become my old home will always be my first home which was filled with loving people and unforgettable memories!❤

On a break!

As the title suggests the article is nowhere related to Ross and Rachel but about the happiness of really small things in life even if it means a ‘mini-vacation’!

Without any doubt,it is clear that ganpati bappa brings in a delight for everyone of us in a most amazing manner.Right now,I am the happiest person on this planet since  we have got a 10 day mini vacation.You can’t imagine how relived I am feeling.The feeling is even greater than passing my two semesters without any KT’s😂
College,classes,travelling in ladies compartments everyday(I didn’t mention local trains but the ladies compartments need special attention😂) had taken a hectic toll of my life and I was praying for atleast 2 days break.But surely God had some other plans for me in store and the 10-day break was something out of this world.

Earlier,we never used to have this Ganesh chaturthi vacations but some really awesome guidelines set by the government has sent me into a celebration mood.Like always,I have  some great plans for this vacation,but in my life every plan is made to be forgotten.

Talking about the day today there was nothing else to cheer for.Honestly speaking,while writing this blog I was absolutely not in mood even to speak with someone.But thinking about the ‘break’ made me happy. 

Last but not the least,I am eagerly waiting for Bappa.Though we don’t bring idol to our home but it has always been a wonderful experience to have Bappa around us!✌