I find the night very beautiful.

All day we fight, we struggle with so many problems, we get stressed out and night is the only time where we forget all our problems for some moments and sleep peacefully.

The day is a complete chaos but the night makes it all peaceful, pleasant and calm.



We try to make our lives happier and easy with the ‘bitter past’ memories intact.

But it’s impossible to dwell under the roof of happiness with the hailstones of a ‘bitter past’ hitting right on us.

It’s important that we try to close any door that leads us straight to the oblivion of life and make way for a joyous future ahead.

Above all this, learn to live in the present. This is all that actually matters the most.

A resolution before New Year

It’s weird, but I’ve actually made a resolution before the New Year. Most people don’t seem to really abide by what they have decided for the new year, so I thought it’s kind of interesting to do something different. 

My resolution is, starting October I should complete reading at least six books before this year ends. It’s actually working as I have set a deadline for it.I have already finished reading three books and there are 3 more to go.

There are still 34 days left of this year and I’m pretty sure that my resolution would not go void.


​Some days it just becomes difficult to     understand as to what kind of battle our mind is going through. We are suddenly trapped around raging waves of emotions and a storm of thoughts. At such times it is necessary that we keep a little patience and wait for the things to finally calm down. In the end, it will leave behind a thousands of answers to all our questions.

What it feels like to have a best friend? 

The world is indeed a happy place when we are surrounded by the people who we love. You always feel the warmth of their celestial love and care. 

Our family, friends, even animals form the circle of the life.Among all these, the person who holds a unique place in our heart is our best friend, isn’t it?? 

That one person whom cannot live without, who knows all our secrets, who would give us the shoulder when we cry, who would be the reflection of our self, that one person who knows the every part of us.  

However, I still don’t have one to flaunt.That’s okay!  But I would really like to know about what it really feels to have a best friend?? 

Please do share!