From the past one week, people have been posting about bidding adieu to 2016, their various experiences for this year etc etc etc. Some had a very good year, for some it was a crap, many realized who actually cared for them, and lost few friends. Some even started wishing new year in advance through their number of posts. Well, it was a kind of entertainment for me.

But after going through all these posts, one thought striked my mind. That ‘my life is so boring’. I don’t have any experiences for this year, neither I made new friends nor lost any. It sometimes appeared as a crap for me. At the end of everything I finally realized that this year was nothing different from 2015. And I don’t have any kind of hopes from 2017 either. 

But I really want myself to be proved wrong. I do want some exciting experiences for the next year. I want to break this jinx and just scrap my routine. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Happy New Year!


My friend, my soulmate

Hey, You!

My friend 

My soulmate 

Look at the moon it reflects our love

And the twinkling stars, shine just for us.

Curl your arms around me 

And let me feel the intimacy.

Whisper to me a love song

Make me dance to your tunes.

Don’t take your glittering eyes off me, I can see my world through it.

And now that I’ve found you, I’ll give up all the worries and blow away the grimness.

 You effortlessly fill the void in me.

You complete me.

Hey, You!

My friend.

My soulmate.


Who is he?

An uncanny force drives me towards him every now and then.

His calmness overpowers my frustrations.

He soothes my ravaged soul with the tenderness of his touch.

His deep talks urges me to get lost in his world.

He gracefully lifts me up from the rubble of dispair and dismay,

And take me into his arms where I find hope and solace.

He protects my innocence with his celestial love.

I don’t feel vulnerable and crippled anymore.

Who is he?

Maybe, a magician!

Don’t let down.

We live in a world where opinions of other people matter the most. We let others evaluate us in every way possible. Always pleasing others!

I ain’t different from others. Even I may be always in need of impressing others. I feel that opinions of others also do matter. 

But before pleasing others and wanting them to appreciate me, I would learn to appreciate myself and develop a sense of self-esteem.
I won’t let myself down in my own eyes.

I wished.

I was drifting away in the sea of anonymity with my ruined soul.

Slow and steadily my heart was breaking into pieces.

All I could see was just a black hole ready to suck me into it.

But somewhere deep down the core, I wanted to move back.

I wished to run into your arms so that you could hold me tight and never let me go.

I wished that you’d mend my broken heart and rekindle the flames of dead spirit.

I wished that you ran your fingers along the strands of my hair.

I wished that you intertwined your hands in mine.

I wished that you had stopped me from walking away.

I wished that your love for me blossomed once again.

The Legend -Mohammad Rafi

On 24th December 1924, a legend was born in Kota Sultan Singh in Punjab. Today marks the 92nd birth anniversary of one of the most gifted voice on earth, Mohammad Rafi. Versatile, melodious, soulful, words fall short to describe this musical maestro. Inspired by the chants of a ‘fakir’ on the streets of his hometown, Rafi dedicated his entire life to music.

Rafi Saab started his career in Hindi films with 1945 film ‘Gaon ki Gori’. ‘Aji dil ho kaboo mein’ was his debut song. After that, there was no looking back for this versatile singer. He rendered his voice to several other songs including ‘Chaudhvin ka chaand’, ‘Jaane walo Zara’, ‘Jo vaada kiya woh’, ‘Taarif karoon kya uski’, ‘Khoya ‘Khoya chaand’, ‘Abhi na jaao chodkar’, ‘Kya hua tera vaada’,anong others.

Rafi Saab won six Filmfare awards in his career and was also conferred with the Padma Shri by the Indian Government in 1967. He also sang in various Indian languages which includes Assamese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bhojuri and many more.

Even after so many years, his voice continues to touches the hearts of people all the world. His old-world charm would always be alive among the people who fell in love with his soulful voice. Such is the magic of Mohammad Rafi.

He had rightly sung, ‘Tum mujhe yun bhula na paoge’


I had always hid my emotions behind the closed doors of seclusion and oblivion.

I was a mystery, unknown even to my own self.

But you tried to scratch my every thought and attached a meaning to it

You gathered all the pieces of my soul that were shattered.

You unraveled the knots of my insecurities that had coiled around me for so long.

You fell in love with every scar of mine.

Somehow, I realized that even my heart was capable of loving.

Somehow, I felt that only you were meant to discover me.