Let free the sadness.

Over the time, I’ve learnt that suppressing sadness is just as equivalent to choking yourself to death. When smothered, it forms a vicious circle of negativity inside the body. It takes the shape of a black hole, that would suck every damn emotion. Like we tend to express every feeling, love, hate, anger, anxiety, sadness too needs to be let free. It should not kept bottled up in the heart and ruin the soul.

So, of you are feeling low or sad, then just show it.



Flamboyant in a black T-shirt

Paired up with a jaggy jeans

The purple jacket and white shoes added a charm

And he looked like a dream

Her shoulder-lengh brunnete hair let down straight 

And the lucky purple top was her choice 

She don a sparkling flowery skirt and ballerina shoes

That made her look Cindrella-like

Is it a co-incidence?

That the colour of their love just matched.!


When things take a nasty turn,

Believe that you could find a right direction anyhow 

Believe that nothing can deter you from doing so

Believe that one stumble, cannot just bring you down

Believe that numerous obstacles aren’t enough to break you

Believe that you could make everything happen, the way you want

Only you have the mystical strength to successfully cross the thorny parts 

And believe that you have that strength 

Just believe.


The turbulence around, didn’t bother her much.

She chose to remain unaffected by the constant pestering voices

A kind of grimace which she had held previously, now seems to be shedding off her 

She decided to leave her scattered pieces behind, and begin a quest to discover her new existence 

What made her so invincible?

So indomitable?

Maybe, because the day she decided to love herself more made everything else just look meaningless.

A note before you fall for me.                                           

A person like me is slightly difficult to love. I am skeptical about this feeling. It makes me take a step back whenever I feel like keeping one further.

Maybe, the times I’ve been through have made me so pessimistic about this beautiful emotion. I am not heartless. Instead, I possess a strong heart. One that has survived massive earthquakes and can still feel the tremors everyday. 

I believe that I am a strong-headed person. I have my own views and opinions. So, if I don’t agree with any one of yours than I would say it you straightaway. 

I am covered with scars all over my body. I won’t try to hide them from you. Because, they are the proof that I have survived raging storms and toughest battles. 

I want you to love my wounds. Or at least try to heal them. But if you can’t, don’t even try to touch them. That will hurt. And once hurt, I may not even forgive you. 

I was judged all the time by the people who didn’t even know me. They never tried to see my inner being. All they did was just bashing me with unnecessary things. 

You know why? Because they refused to believe that someone could be so determined and brave enough to fight the mammoth obstacles. So, don’t ever judge me who I am.

And lastly, if you really wish to fall in love with me, then fall hard. Because I will fall for you the hardest.


On days when we cannot contemplate our situation precisely, becomes a matter of bewilderment and extremely exhausting. When we look around, everything seems to be totally fine. But the heart refuses to accept that. And then, something strikes. An ordinary moment changes the mood completely. It transforms our lookout. That, positivity and happiness lies everywhere. The only thing is to recognize them, grab, tighten the grip and put them into our pockets. 

PS: I found the picture cute!