Before you quit.

Before you quit, think about the terrifying storms that you’ve been through. Remember how you crossed the capricious waters , just to achieve what you always wanted to. 

Before you quit, remember how people always judged you and they are still doing it. Remember how you shrugged at all their criticisms and did not give a damn about them.

Before you quit, think about the dreams and ambitions you had since the childhood. Remember the times you used to talk about them so proudly with your friends 

Before you quit, remember how you were always there for people you love and also for those who you don’t. Remember how they used to say that you are the kind of person the world needs.

Before you quit, think about your friends with whom you had the best times if your life. Just remember, how they adored and looked up to you if they were facing any kind of trouble 

Before you quit, remember the time when you told your parents they you’re gonna make them proud, one day. That you loved and cared for them more than anyone else in this world.

Before you quit, remember that you were never ever alone. And is not even now. You are surrounded by people who genuinely would go to any lengths to protect you. You just need to be open and talk. You think they won’t understand. But trust me, they would.


Like a kid

Sometimes I behave like a 5-year old, talking loudly, teasing my brother till he gets irritated and snaps at me,getting annoyed when he does the same thing, passing foolish comments at my cousins, singing in my loudest ever voice, even teasing my mom. These things actually make me happy and full. 

My childhood was not that memorable so that it could be cherished forever but I love being a kid. Acting like kids. It’s funny that, I don’t see myself as a 20-year old girl, who is not even a teenager anymore. Let alone be a small kid. Maybe this is the reason why I am so amazing with children. I think so.

What the stars say

The vast canopy of the sky, 

Was filled with millions of gleaming stars

Every star said something 

But only if I could understand 

I stared at them, with deep melancholic eyes 

Almost turning watery 

While reminiscing the days,

When I had no one, but them

I stared again, but this time a little harder 

Just then, he held my hand 

Taking close to his chest 

As we lay bedside each other,

Under the dark carpet of the sky

And he said, pointing at the brightest star

“That’s you. You lit up my world”

I could say nothing, but smile 

Finally knowing, what the stars said.

Invalid excuse

When love becomes an invalid excuse

To not let your wings open

When you want to fly 

Higher and higher, they lower your belief 

With some invalid excuse 

Let’s say, they care for you 

What you really want to hear

Are some words of encouragement 

But they blurt out, some invalid excuse 

Let’s say, they don’t want you to stumble 

When love is exaggerated 

You feel trapped and caged

In the shackles of disappointment and pain 

Despite of being loved 

When love does not let you grow 

Then they end up being merely words

Let’s say, just an invalid excuse.


There are so many people around us who are worth inspiring. It could be your mom, who toils day and night for the entire family without ever complaining or expecting anything in return. 

It could be your dad, who after a long and tiring day at work still manages to talk and laugh with you. 

It could be your elder sibling, who protects as well as understands you more than others do. 

It could be your younger sibling who studies with so much of  dedication and determination because they want to make the parents proud and also you. 

It could be your teacher who always leads you in the right direction, burning the candle of knowledge within you. 

It could be your friend who despite of being hurt at heart in the past, manages to pull off that million-dollar smile. 

And if I mention all those people here, the list would take long to end. So whenever you feel low in confidence and seek inspiration, take off your eyes from that electronic device. Look around. You would find many of them.

Lively and mystical.

She is not someone, who possess charming looks, hazel or blue eyes, a pert nose, pinkish cheeks or an attractive figure. But she feels proud in her own skin, does not get embarrassed in flaunting her curvy body or a slight belly fat. 

She makes you laugh with her foolish jokes and sometimes witty sense of humour. Oh! Her laughter is contagious. The sound that erupts as she laughs may seem irritating to others but she doesn’t feel a pang of embarrassment. 

A generous at heart, she never backs off from helping those who reach out to her in times of need. She is too kind. She feels bad saying no to others. She wears her heat on her leaves, spreading love like no one else. She cares for the people close to her. 

But there is something more than just her lovable being. Have you ever tried to look beyond the facade of her outer personality? She has so many friends, enjoys with them to the fullest, but experiences a sense of loneliness on returning home.  She doesn’t share anything with others. But deep inside she wants someone to compel her to speak up her mind. 

She wants someone to absorb all her emotions that are clogged within her for so long. Everybody thinks that though an extrovert, she is arcane, mystical. But no one ever tries to dig out her secrets. She is waiting for someone to discovered, by someone so sincere enough to feel her wholely and solely.

World Book Day

A year back if somebody had asked me about my reading habits, my answer would have been very articulate. That “I don’t read. Books are insanely boring”. 
Honestly, books were never my preference. Even in school when the teachers have is books to read, I would simply stare at the colourful pictures. Hoping that the still characters would start moving out of the blue. I never bothered to read or be interested in any one of them.

 I’ve been reading newspapers since the age of 11 or 12, but those are much different than the books.  But I am still startled at the fact that, how things could change so massively. Today, I don’t just read books but also try to express various emotions in the form of words. Yes. I write. 

I write about love, hatred, sadness, happiness, courage, fear, longing, desire, passion, sun, stars, moon, sky and the list goes on. The book that propelled me to get mesmerized into the world of reality and imagination is Khaled Housseini’s novel ‘The Kite Runner’. By the time I had finished reading, my eyes turned moist. I cried. 

I was left spell-bounded by the fact that mere words scattered on a page could evoke different emotions. Seriously, ‘The Kite Runner’ pulled every string of my heart, albeit with much sadness. Suddenly, writing has become my passion, reading; the religion, and books; the God. 

All these years I have been devoid of the pleasures and tranquility that accompanied while reading books. But today, I read and write everyday. And hope that this continues for eternity.