It’s overwhelming when good things happen to us unexpectedly. We live for moments like this everyday, hoping to find a pinch of happiness every where. And when it finally happens, we must always make it an attempt to share it with people around us. Because happiness that is kept to oneself, is incomplete in every way.


The right ones

Stop chasing people who have already gone. The ones who left with cold goodbyes and empty promises. The ones who never ever dared to turn back and see that you were still hoping on for them.

These kind of people don’t deserve to be a part of your life.

Now it’s time to look around. You will see that there are people who genuinely care for you, the ones who are impatiently waiting to see your infectious smile once again.

The ones who are willing to pull you out of the choppy water that you are drowning in. They have offered you a hand. Hold it. That’s life.

People hurt, abandon you but the genuine others will go to any lenghts to make you feel worthy of all the beautiful things in this world. Don’t let them go.


Many a times we fail to realise our mistakes until the consequences of those start hitting on us. And then we start regretting over them. We start thinking how we could have done it differently.

Some try to not regret and work on making them right instead. But some just don’t find enough courage to even face their mistakes.

At the end, it’s all about the choice. Either we could try harder and make our present regret-free or just sit sulking around in a corner doing nothing, probably mess up everything. Remember, it’s all about the choice you make for yourself.

Happy endings

When we start on a book, we just don’t read it but live. We begin to live the lives of all the characters involved, laugh at their jokes, cry at their sadness, feel their pain. It’s like a totally different world. And at the end, we want the very best to happen.

We believe that after going through so much, the story has to conclude well. But sometimes, endings don’t turn out to be as we want. That’s heartbreaking! All day, we feel a knot forming in our stomach unable to digest the fact that, this is the end. So, what do we do after all this? Yes, we move on.

In hope of finding something more happier, much better we pick up another book. Maybe, this one would turn out be a happy ending.

We want the same for our real lives too. We want things to shape up positively because we deserve it, right? And it’s good to think like this. But what if, it doesn’t end well? What if, it doesn’t concludes like the way we desire?

Just like the book, we move on here too. So what, Monday and Tuesday weren’t that good enough! So what, if Wednesday and Thursday suck! Maybe, the weekends will be great.

And if not, you can spend the entire Sunday cozying up in your bed, watching your favourite movie and also planning for the days ahead. You move on. You don’t stop. You know, that there will be a happy ending, for sure.

~It’s okay to lose

Sometimes, I feel that winning is so

over-rated. We try so harder to win, that we often fail to see what life actually wanted to teach us. It’s a kind of obsession. But it’s okay to lose once in a while. Unless we fall and rise again, we will never realise value of lessons in life.

That’s what great poets and writers would always say.

Why Bolt is the best

“Believe in your dreams and that anything is possible”- Usain Bolt

Last week, it was curtains down for the fastest man on the earth. Sprint superstar Usain Bolt ended his glittering career after wowing people across the world with his stellar performances.

Though, at the IAAF Championships Bolt missed the chances of adding more golds to his glorious collection (he lost tell 100m title and was injured before the 4×100m relay). But what actually matters is the kind of mark he had made for himself among the people, as the entire stadium only reverberated with the chants of ‘Usain, Usain’.

The Jamaican is a role model for millions, not only for his astronomical achievements but also for his qualities. He maybe the fastest man ever, his honesty sets him apart from the other several athletes.

In the era, where some of his contemporaries and many others were getting banned for doping charges, Bolt remained spotless. He didn’t achieved the laurels by decietful methods but with his honesty and respect for the sport.

The way he was always confident all these years, is pretty much commendable. He remained unfazed against any kind of criticism questioning him being too fast. One of the best virtues Bolt has, is his utter dedication. It is one of the main reasons that helped him clinching a total of 8 golds at the Olympics.

Back at the IAAF, Bolt ceded his 100m gold to American Justin Gatlin. But something happened that shocked even Bolt. After his win, Gatlin went down on his knees and bowed to Usain Bolt as a mark of honour. It shows that not only the people but his contemporaries also think of him as the greatest.

Bolt displayed a spirit of sportsmanship and humility when he stood up for and sided by Justin Gatlin when the latter was booed by the crowd after his win.

Usain Bolt is someone who taught us what it takes to win; hard work, focus, dedication.

He also taught us the it’s okay to fall down, hard but to get up stronger than ever. He respected the sport and the sport rewarded with him with what he deserved. Bolt inspires and will always continue to do so.


The inextricable knots of my life are kind of unraveling, since the day I met you. I no longer feel weak at any part of my body, instead I am gaining strength from the very same pain.

It’s like, I have finally found a secret hallway leading my way out from the past into the present and a bright future. Maybe, that’s because you were as broken as I was.

Being with a person who endured a similar pain, gives you a sense of belongingness. You know that if no one doesn’t, this person is always going to understand the kind of struggles you go through.

You! You are my cynefin. And it’s beautiful, when two wounded souls help each other to find the lost pieces of this puzzling and messed up life.

Cynefin: (Welsh) A place where a person or an animal feels it ought to live and belong; it is where the nature around you feels right and welcoming.