I want to know

I want us to have a candid conversation with each other, where we don’t really have to try. Words just fall out. Easily, no filter and without any efforts. I want you to talk to me about your childhood, your life in high school and college or before you met me. I want to know the little things about you. Your favourite colour or your favourite football team. I want to know, what do you admire most about yourself and what attracts you to another person. I want to know your dreams. I want you to pour your heart out to me and I promise, I’ll give you the all of me. Promise.



The airplane soars up high up in the sky, slowly fading away beyond the cotton-like clouds. Just like, your memories from my mind.

And I’m afraid that one day, I’ll forget the way you looked when the morning sunlight danced on your dusky face.

That I’ll not be able to remember how you laughed, your smile brighter than the city lights and the sound reverberating through my ears, soothing me.

I’m afraid that, I’ll not find any words to describe you in all of my poetries.

And I’ll not be able to search you in all the unknown faces I see everyday.

I lost you once and I can’t afford to lose you again, at least in my imagination.

Saying goodbye

We sit beside each other, holding hands without uttering a single word. As if though we understood each other in silence too.

You put aside a strand of hair from my face behind my ear. And I lay my head on your chest like I always did, when we used to sit under the stars, weaving a beauty future together.

The night turns chilly and the winds, piercing, yet I don’t feel anything. Because, I am at the my safest place in the world. Your arms.

But inside me, every organ was breaking one by one as I was preparing to leave my safe haven.

I always hated good-byes. And here I am, dreading to say goodbye to the one, where I always went back at the end of the day.

My home.


My favourite book #1

The Kite Runner

This Khaled Housseini masterpiece is an exemplary of how a mere book, is capable of evoking very strong emotions in human beings.

‘The Kite Runner’ traces the journey of two childhood friends, Amir and Hassan in the war-torn nation of Afghanistan.

Housseini’s novel is a blend of all the prominent human feelings such as, unconditional love, jealousy, regret, hatred etc.

Major parts of the book will you teary-eyed, with the feeling of something knotted inside your stomach and a bit disturbed, but trust me, you would never want the story to end.

You absolutely fall in love with the characters, especially Amir and Hassan. For me, Amir stands out of all. I love him for both his vulnerability and innocence.

You also get a deep insight about the ravaged conditions of Afghanistan, rightly described by the author in the quote, ‘There are lot of children in Afghanistan, but little childhood’.

This book, has been life-changing for me. As I was encouraged to take up writing after reading it.

Honestly, I didn’t read the book, I lived it. I cried with Amir and Hassan, I laughed and I grew with them. I can give you thousands reasons to love this book.

For me, ‘The Kite Runner’ is the best book ever, and I feel so lucky to have read it.

Tell me

Tell me about,

the songs you like,

the movies you love,

the books you read.

Tell me about,

your first ever crush,

the first time you fell in love,

the first time someone ever broke your heart.

Tell me about,

the friends you lost,

the time you wanted to cry but couldn’t,

the day, that you never wanted to end.

Tell me,

the secrets of your heart,

the sadness of you life,

where it hurts

Tell me,

where are those scars,

Let me heal them

Tell me, just tell me

I’ll listen to you.

Acceptance and hope

I’ve seen people battle it out for every precious second of their lives. Not a day goes without hurting a little bit more than yesterday, shedding an extra tear but still, they survive.

The things that keep them alive are acceptance. Acceptance towards the fact that, the path of life isn’t a cake walk and we have to fight no matter what.

Other thing is hope. A hope that one day, tomorrow will be better than today. A hope that, one day they are gonna make it to the summit, victorious, ready for yet another battle.

I want to stay

With every passing hour,

It feels my time’s passing too,

All those things I want to say

I want to yell,

I want to fight,

But I think, this will

be over soon,

before I could say,

That I need you, I want you

Hear me out,

Are these signals still not okay?

I am standing by the cliff,

Save me, I pray

Hear me out, it’s not too late,

I fear my time’s passing,

But I want to stay.

People suffering from depression always feel that, those around them would never understand their problem. They start living in their different world, isolated away from everyone. So, it’s necessary that we create an environment where they would feel loved, worthy and wanted. Remember, that depression is a severe and sensitive matter and never hold that person responsible for it. It won’t get over in a span of just one night. Give them to heal as much as they want. Just make them to believe that, they can fully trust you.