People leave, memories don’t

It’s kinda tragic when the person who has been with you for the longest time, leaves.

The same person with who you shared the happiest moments, some quirkiness and craziness, and those nervous breakdowns.

The one who knows your fun, colourful side and also the darkest version of you.

The one who is the keeper of all your secrets, who stayed with you in your best days and never left you in the worst.

It’s wierd when you are sitting in cafe, all by yourself with an almost cold tea on the table, holding a bunch of pictures in your hands.

The pictures of two most happiest people in the world. You just can’t stop smiling looking at them.

Suddenly, it hits you up that it’s nothing like that in real life anymore. It feels like somebody just slapped you hard.

You feel the pain travelling down your body. The sad truth is; people leave but their memories don’t and that itself is disgusting.

But the pictures might be dead but the emotions don’t fade away easily.

You still hope that somewhere in another part if the world, even they hold the same pictures and feel sad, like you do.

You hope that the person, who you terribly miss, misses you too. Like you do.


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