Stay, for the countless moments we had created together

For the many hurdles that we had battled past triumphantly

For the empty mornings and the prickling nights

For the graceful springs and the hopeful rains

Stay, because there’s nothing more beautiful than to love and to be loved back. 

Stay, because like seasons, circumstances change

Stay, because I want you to.

The Shooting star

Velvety black sky,

Illuminated by the luminous white moon,

Millions of stars ornated the cloudless canopy, embellishing it more.

Down there, I sat in silence,

Profusely crying for someone,

Who was once, mine

The brightness of the night,

Seemed like a curse to me, on my fate.

Just then, I spotted a shooting star,

Followed by its long shiny trail,

Bidding goodbye to the farm,

Where it had always stayed.

Up there, it was still radiant.

The moon didn’t lose its glow and the stars continued to beam

I chided at the thought of the sky, for not crying

Over losing of one of its precious gem.

Have the sky, moon and stars perfectly learned the art of ‘to let go’?

Have they, really?


Always keep the fire of passion burning in your heart. It’s the only thing that keeps you alive, amidst the battle of survival in this illusional world. You may survive or probably die, but your passion won’t. And that will be the last resort for you to conquer, whatever you desire. With passion you are a winner, but without it, you are nothing but a hollow shell. Be passionate enough to be able to survive or else, get ready to be dead. 

You don’t deserve.

You don’t deserve to get lost, in the sea of obscurities.

You don’t deserve to be hopeless, with your wounded wings.

You don’t deserve a soul, that is complete shattered and tattered.

You don’t deserve a heart, broken beyond the imagination.

You don’t deserve to be the prisoner, of your unmemorable past.

You don’t deserve the rueful eyes, of the people that never cared enough

You deserve something more, something bright.

You deserve to fly high, above the mighty clouds.

You deserve the spring as well as the rain.

You deserve the soothful winter mornings. 

You deserve the colourful skies of summer evenings.

You deserve to be loved, immeasurably.

You deserve everything beautiful

You deserve the peace of your soul.

The dream got worse

Some creepiness is haunting me. My nightmare seems to have no end and I am completing clueless on how to pull myself out from this mess. My legs are trembling continuously. 

Now, my whole body is shuddering and the sight in front of my eyes is murky. It appears to me like a thick winter fogg. Copious tears are unceasingly flowing down my eyes. 

That thing is following me but I am not sure, what it actually is. I am running, harder and faster. Wait! What! That’s a cliff! I try to stop but unfortunately, can’t. The creepiness would knock me down. 

Just then, I hear a loud thud behind me. I turn back, but I am not able to see anything clearly because it’s still foggy out there. 

From nowwhere​, someone catches a hold of my hands and take me into its arms. It was like the safest place in the world. 

I raise my head slightly to take a look at the face. Oh! It’s him. He has come back to save me. I kiss him as tears are still finding their way down my cheeks. I tighten my grip around him and he does the same. 

Its like finding light in darkness and silence in the chaos. I was relieved that the creepiness is no longer following me. I rest in his arms, peacefully. 

Our moment of intimacy was broken by an annoying sound. And I wake up with sweat dripping down my neck and sending a wave of sheer chill down the spine. 

It was just a dream. I was happy that my ordeal was over but also sad. As I realised that, he was not back. And he won’t be anytime soon. This dream was more of a heart break than a nightmare.

Losing you

After a day of incessant rains, streak of lightning, maddening thunders and violent winds, the sun shone with a grace. The golden rays of the sun glistened the creatures of the earth with dazzling colours. 

The flowers were shining like jewels and the leaves on the ground, like the fallen stars. 

And there I was, sitting by the window. The glass of the window was fully covered with raindrops racing their way down to its bottom and disappearing. 

Besides me lay a huge book, which I abondened after reading just 50 pages. Also kept was a cup of tea and a cellphone upon which a cursor was continuously blinking on a blank screen. It is the message box and the receiver read, ‘Best Friend’. 

I was reminscing about the day when you had to suffer through two hour lecture all alone and how you pounced on me the next day for ditching you at the last minute. 

I remember the day when I was inconsolable on getting a hair cut. After that you recorded and sent me the song, ‘Just the way you are’ by Bruno Mars. But still, that couldn’t wane the sadness of losing my precious long hair. 

I also remember out first fight over a petty thing and how you were sincere enough to break the ice between us. 

You loved my every flaw and I never found any in yours. You wiped my every tear and I tried to never let one fall from your eyes. Our bond was profound and pristine, not like everyone else.

The cursor is still blinking. After sometime, I finally type. The text read, “I wish, we had never fallen apart. I miss you best friend”. 

But like every time, I delete it at the very next moment and get back to the book I’d previously abondened.

If you have a best friend, you are never alone.

When in war.

Staring at his ravaged home,

Caught under​ the rubble,

At that moment he wanted to moan,

But his tongue, could only fumble.

Shuddering​ with fear, fuming with anger,

He dropped down in distress,

All he could see was only destruction,

And a pile full of undesirable mess.

Wailing with pain,

He called out for his mother, sister, father,

Who were dead under the mountain of wars,

As humanity succumbed to wrenching slaughter.



I know you have been experiencing anxiety for a while.

I know, you are drawing yourself towards seclusion.

I know that, you have been listening​ to songs which you don’t like. Because right now, you are not sure of what’s playing even in your head. 

I am also aware that, you cry yourself to sleep every night. You tearful sobs pierce my ears like thousands of arrows.

Your usual clatters have now turned into hurtful silence.

Every time, I try to pacify your raging thoughts, you drive me away with your assuring words.

But still, I am not giving up on you. I’ll be sticking by your side and waiting for you to undress your vulnerability.

I’ll wait for you to feel safe and run into my arms, which has always been your home.

I’ll wait for the day when you would finally realise that, someone is out there dying to just catch a glimpse of your pretty smile. 

I’ll be waiting for the day, when your eyes would sparkle with millions of stars and your heart sing songs that you love.

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

You have been my constant company since the day I realised that, no human could ever be able to bear with my countless emotions. 

You have been a part of my brightest mornings and suffered along with me through the worst nights. You were there when I was falling apart and still here when I am no longer fragile. 

I wrote pages and pages of, happiness and sorrows, laughter and tears, hopes, dreams and what not. You know when I was the happiest and also the day I cried thousands of tears. 

And you embraced all of them with love and openness, without even judging or criticising me. 

Sometimes, I would even tear apart your pages in a fit of rage, still not a word of complaint from you. 


Why don’t you ever respond? 

It’s difficult for me to cope up with this unbroken silence of yours. The silence feels so deep that it hurts the ears. 

I want you to comfort me, like a friend does. I want you to criticize me, like a friend does. I want you to hug me tighter, like a friend does. 

I want to hear you laughing when you know that I am happy. I want you to put your arms around me, when you see me break down. I want you to promise me that, no matter what, you will stay by my side. 

Anyways, I think that’s the thing with the diaries. They listen to you but can’t take away your loneliness. 

But, I still love you and will always do.

Love always,

Your loner.