Fifth letter

Dear You,

I hope you find someone who acknowledges that how a beautiful human you are. Someone who doesn’t overlooks your virtues and express disgust at your flaws.

Someone who accept your imperfect self with open arms.

I hope you find someone who wakes up everyday, happy and excited to meet you after a long long night. Someone who constantly reminds you that you are loved.

I hope you find someone who moves heaven and earth to just be with you. Someone who takes pride in having you.

Someone who doesn’t shy away to introduce you to their friends and family, as their better half.

I hope you find someone who is ready to lend you a shoulder whenever you feel like crying and surrendering all your vulnerabilities.

I hope you find someone who heals your wounded areas and not hurt them more.

I hope you find someone who loves you with all their heart. Someone who makes up for the hard time that I gave you. And someone, who isn’t me.





As the sun sank down the horizon, the sky was spanned with multi-colours of orange and red. The clouds kept floating away from me, as if it’s their time to go home too.

A wave of balmy air brushed past my face, and all the bad memories of day just faded away. The dazzling light of the day, made way for a starry night. I stood below the blue-black sky oggling at the sheer brilliance of the full moon.

I’d never felt so positive ever in my life, like I did at that moment. The day had bought me dismality and gloominess but the night made it all right. I felt my feet dangling in the air and I was flying. Flying higher and higher.