I say

You broke,
You mended yourself,
You are a warrior.

It takes a lot of
courage, to carry your
own shattered pieces,
everyday and everywhere
you go, never letting
the world know about it.

It’s not easy,
to spend insomniac nights,
and still get out of the
bed in the morning.

Cheers to all those days,
when you wanted to give up,
but didn’t.

Cheers to all those days,
when you wrapped your
arms around yourself and
said, ‘Be brave’

Trust me,
You are brave.
You are the mirror
to everyone who is
hurting out there.

I say again,
You broke,
You mended yourself,
You survived
Yes, you are a WARRIOR


Broken is beautiful

You look so broken with that weak smile on your face. A smile that is a facade, hiding all the sadness you are holding up inside. Your heart probably feels heavy, as you keep on bottling up emotions, heaps and heaps.

But still, your eyes shine like jewels. They always illuminate the lives of people, you deeply love and care. You wear your heart on your sleeves, as you feel that kindness should never be given up.

Despite of being hurt, you still believe that the world is good enough. You still believe in love. And that’s what makes you the one in a million. You may be broken. But that’s my dear, is beautiful.