In my dreams

In my dreams, we go to places that take our breath away. Places with snow-capped mountains, sunflower fields, northern lights and titanic skyscrapers made of glass.

We dance along with the music of the cool breeze and the moonlight bouncing off the surface of the lake, making the water shimmer.

And then we sit at the rooftop of the tallest building, listening to the silence of the dark and admiring the calmness of the other wise chaotic city.

In my dreams, I always find you besides me, sleeping soundly. Then, I watch you breathe until I fall asleep.

The thing is, in my dreams, we are perfect.

In my dreams, you always stay.


I want to know

I want us to have a candid conversation with each other, where we don’t really have to try. Words just fall out. Easily, no filter and without any efforts. I want you to talk to me about your childhood, your life in high school and college or before you met me. I want to know the little things about you. Your favourite colour or your favourite football team. I want to know, what do you admire most about yourself and what attracts you to another person. I want to know your dreams. I want you to pour your heart out to me and I promise, I’ll give you the all of me. Promise.


I have waited
long enough
to be loved by
somebody else.

Someone who was
a picture in my dreams,
caressing my tender back,

entwined hands,
whispering softly, with
a mint-like breath.

I failed to realise
that dreams are made
of glass, that break
taking your heart away
to an isolated place.

What I see now, is
not a picture but
shadow that’s fading.
like the moon wanes
until one day when it
finally disappears
into the pitch-black sky.

And this shadow will
also disappears one day,
without leaving a trace.


You wished to abandon this life, 

A life lived under the shadows,

In the shadows of someone else,

They say, you got nothing.

Yes, heartbreaking it is to hear,

You lived a life,

That was a fallacy,

Dreams made of glass.

But, you know what,

They are the shadows,

Shadows that demotivate,

Shadows that pluck you, before you could blossom.

Shadows that pull you down, before you could fly

At that moment, you should think of nothing

But to prove them wrong, who wronged you.

Your dreams aren’t made of glass, but diamonds.

Those shadows can’t break them.

One thing that the shadows can’t do. 


Always keep the fire of passion burning in your heart. It’s the only thing that keeps you alive, amidst the battle of survival in this illusional world. You may survive or probably die, but your passion won’t. And that will be the last resort for you to conquer, whatever you desire. With passion you are a winner, but without it, you are nothing but a hollow shell. Be passionate enough to be able to survive or else, get ready to be dead. 

You don’t deserve.

You don’t deserve to get lost, in the sea of obscurities.

You don’t deserve to be hopeless, with your wounded wings.

You don’t deserve a soul, that is complete shattered and tattered.

You don’t deserve a heart, broken beyond the imagination.

You don’t deserve to be the prisoner, of your unmemorable past.

You don’t deserve the rueful eyes, of the people that never cared enough

You deserve something more, something bright.

You deserve to fly high, above the mighty clouds.

You deserve the spring as well as the rain.

You deserve the soothful winter mornings. 

You deserve the colourful skies of summer evenings.

You deserve to be loved, immeasurably.

You deserve everything beautiful

You deserve the peace of your soul.


There you are, again 

Doubting yourself,

All in vain.

Take it easy,

They are just your fears,

Let the mocking come,

Face the jeers.

You didn’t start,

To quit halfway,

Chuck what they feel,

They don’t care about you, anyway.

Take every moment,

Make it yours,

That, which is your defeat,

Turn it into your victory.

On the blank canvas,

Scatter your vivid colours,

Paint a picture,

That reflects your dreams.

That, which was your defeat,

Turn it into a victory.