Heavy downpour, chilling winds and the usual chaos on the streets marked the onset of a new morning. Even the incessant rains, couldn’t stop people who were determined enough to reach their destination on time. And I was one of them. 

I tried my best to tear the sheets of waters and find my way to the station. By the time I had boarded the train, rains stopped. I took a 8:43am local, that was specially reserved for the ladies. 

The scene inside the train was not different from everyday. Some women were talking on top of the voices, making the others cringe on their seats. Some of them had their eyes glued to the cellphones while some took comfort looking at the trail of greenery outside.

I preferred to join the women standing on the side of the door. I was neither interested in glancing at my cellphone nor the world outside. Instead, I took out a book to read. 

I was reading intensely, oblivious to the happenings around. So oblivious, I didn’t even realised that the train had stopped at the following two stations.  This time I took the effort to raise my head and the train to a another halt. Passengers started pouring in making me uncomfortable while I read. 

As the wheels of the train started moving, it experienced a nasty jerk, baffling the passengers. Lights went off and the train to a tranquil halt. I could hear people murmuring. There was noise but it was accompanied by a unusual silence. 

My petrified eyes were still stuck on the book, though I wasn’t reading. Suddenly, my mind got distracted to some news in the papers, where the train accident survivors confessed to have experienced jerks. 

It got moved on to some more foolish thoughts. I know, I was acting stupid. But my heart refused to cool down. 

Within few minutes, the train started moving again. It did not showed any glitches throughout the remaining journey, while we all got down safely. Pheww! All my earlier thoughts began to fade one by one, I took a sigh of relief. As the train left, I took a glance at it. A tiny smile appeared on my face, thinking about the scare that it just provided me.



You love me, as if I am the only human being on this planet. 

You care for me, as if I am a rare flower blossoming with immaculate shades and ethereal petals. 

Your enchanting voice keeps ringing in my ears all day long and your twinkling eyes throw light on my gloomy world.

you are the dawn to my dusk

you are the healing to my pain

you are the spring to my rain

Some people are destined to save us whenever we fall, for me, that’s you.

Some people are like the trail of light entering a dark room through the small opening of a window, for me, that’s you.

Some people are meant to stay forever, and for me, that’s you.

But still, I have built a majestic invisible wall between us which stands firm. The closer you come, the more I carve stones in the wall. Because, everything seems so magical to be true. And this scares me like hell.

I fear that, this is just a consequence of some kind of magic created by God and soon its effect is bound to get over. 

I fear that, one day I’ll wake up and realise, it was just a dream. 

I fear, I don’t believe that a person like you really exists. But I believe, you are an angel.

This wall between us keeps me protected from all kinds of fears.

The fear of being lost, once again.

The fear of breaking into pieces, once again.

The fear of losing you, for ever!

Tales of a dreamer #12

Learning to dream

I was once going through the magazine of my college, which gets published every month. The pages of the magazine were opulent of emotions and dreams of the people, who always dared to give themselves a chance. Who never feared to dream and tried to live for them. Oh! How I wish to be like them.

Everything seemed to be just fine until I reached on the last page. What I saw left me completely baffled and I could believe my eyes. My poem had been printed on the last page, with my name written in bold. I remembered, that I had not given my poems to anyone. So how come it could feature in the magazine?

Just then, a thought tickled my mind. Someone thought that I was an amazing writer. Someone wanted me to let my poems reach the world. Someone was propelling me to finally take a flight. I knew, who was it!

After my poem featured in the magazine, my life changed drastically. People started recognising and appreciating my writing abilities. Students who never ever had spoke to me, came forward with wide smile and said that they loved my poem. And some also requested me to publish one every month.

Honestly. all the praises and applauds were slowly boosting my confidence. I could totally sense that, the girl who went missing after the 4th grade was now coming back.

That day at home, after returning from college I straightaway went to my bedroom and locked the door. I pot my hand under the bed and pulled out the box which were the safe abode to my poems. The poems with deep thoughts, unfathomable emotions, living in recluse. There I was, gathering all the guts to let the out from the confinement after having choked for so many years. I decided to overcome my fears and if I lose today, I would never be able to walk with pride.

To be continued…