Fifth letter

Dear You,

I hope you find someone who acknowledges that how a beautiful human you are. Someone who doesn’t overlooks your virtues and express disgust at your flaws.

Someone who accept your imperfect self with open arms.

I hope you find someone who wakes up everyday, happy and excited to meet you after a long long night. Someone who constantly reminds you that you are loved.

I hope you find someone who moves heaven and earth to just be with you. Someone who takes pride in having you.

Someone who doesn’t shy away to introduce you to their friends and family, as their better half.

I hope you find someone who is ready to lend you a shoulder whenever you feel like crying and surrendering all your vulnerabilities.

I hope you find someone who heals your wounded areas and not hurt them more.

I hope you find someone who loves you with all their heart. Someone who makes up for the hard time that I gave you. And someone, who isn’t me.




Fourth letter

Dear You,

When I was 10, everyday I used to look out of my window at the sky. It was always blue, sometimes covered with a fog of clouds. Especially, I loved the colours of sunsets.

At night I counted the sheet of stars and watched the airplanes flying by. To me, they were shooting stars. It was my own little Universe.

But then, some people erected massive structures right in front of my window, taller, almost touching the sky.

I could no longer see the floating clouds or the airplanes passing through them. I couldn’t see the moon changing it’s phases with grace.

I think that’s what I did with myself too. I built a wall on all my sides, barring everyone to come in. I was used to the darkness, always.

I know if I had let you in, you would have dragged me into the light but the idea of scanning the sky with those stars again, scared me. I was scared that it will all be taken away from me again.

So, I decided to be that kid behind the window forever. And I am happy that you let me go.




Dear You,

The day you walked away, I realised what it feels to be on the side of heartbreak. Because, it was always me who broke your heart. Your kind and golden heart.

It was me who would laugh at your romantic gestures. It was me who would get sick of your constant ‘I love you’s. I never tried to look into your eyes and find that your love for me was everywhere in them.

And now, I want to apologise. For everything. I apologise for all the moments, I made you feel unworthy for me.

I apologise for not replying to all your ‘are you mad at me’ texts.

I apologise for all the times I said that you weren’t enough.

I apologise for all the days, I made excuses to not be with you. I apologise for all the nights you went to bed thinking, ‘do I really matter?’

They’d always say, you don’t really understand the value of anything until it’s lost. Now I know, what they actually meant.

I apologise. And I want nothing but forgiveness.

Maybe yours,


Remember you.

Dear You,

Ten years from now, when I’ll have the best job in the world and would be sitting in a cafe drinking my usual cup of tea, I’ll think about you.

Damn it! I’ll think about you every minute of my life.

And thank you for stopping by me in this whole Universe. I’ll thank you for holding me, when I needed the most. I’ll thank you for being a part of the memories that I am gonna cherish forever. Until death.

I’ll thank you for seeing my inner self. I’ll thank you for making me feel deserving of every love and happiness of the world. I’ll thank you for changing me as a person.

I was a mystery locked away in the oblivion. I’ll thank you for finally discovering me. Even while writing this letter, you are in my heart, my mind, everywhere. I’ll remember you always.



About you

Dear You

Yesterday, I told him about you. I told him about the day we first met. I told him about the day, we ran away from the Christmas party to be somewhere peaceful and had our own slow dance under the moonlight.

I told him about the day, we fought with each other only because you said that Friends sucks. I told him about the day, you wiped my tears before planting a kiss on my lips. And how in that moment, every wrong felt right.

The kiss didn’t take my breath away but made me feel safe.

What I didn’t tell him is that, I miss you. Everyday, I try to find you in him. That, I feel like cheating on you by being with him. I don’t feel like home in his heart. It has been with you. It was always you.

Yesterday, I told him about you.




I know you’re hurting right now. And I am not saying that the pain would fade right away. It would take some time.

It might take weeks, months, years but till then you have to stay strong. You don’t have to put a bright, smiling face in order to cover up the sadness.

It’s okay to express what you feel and nobody can judge you for that. It’s okay to not pretend to be happy when everything inside you is crushing.

This will hurt but people are gonna leave you.

You’ll lose some of your friends but the real ones will stick by your side. They will listen to you, reach out to you and trust, these are the people with whom you have to go till the end.

There are gonna be times, when you would feel like not making out of the bed.

But sometimes, courage is just waking up and completing your morning chores. Sometimes, courage is just doing the job like you always did, giving your best. Sometimes, courage is just living everyday when you feel like dying.

Just keep going and one day, you are gonna walk the streets with pride in your eyes. With a real smile brighter, beautiful than the moon and the stars.

Learned to stay

All my life, I was taught that human heart is fragile. So, I’ve been running away from people who could break it and also from those who didn’t want to. The problem with me is, I can’t stay.

It was Christmas. The streets basked in the glory of starry lights, illuminating the face of even the saddest person in the crowd. People were screaming, dancing merrily, singing despite the loud music and then, it was you. Standing besides me, wearing a black hoodie, your smile eclipsing even the Christmas lights.

I thought about all the times when I had protected my heart from breaking. I thought about all the people, I ran away from. Lastly, I thought about you. Suddenly, I realised that I was not longer running. Finally, I had learned to stay.