Notes to the hurting

Healing will come to you at the unexpected moments. It might be one fine morning when you no longer feel your bones cracking as you struggle to get out of the bed. There will be no aches. No pain.

It might happen to you at the park nearby your house where you see a mother canoodling her baby and that itself brings a upward curve at the corner of your lips.

It might happen at the hour of noon, when the sunlight seeps in to your skin giving you warmth and making you feel alive once again.

It might happen at the onset of dusk, when along with the birds flying to their shelter, even you yearn to go back home. To yourself.

Finally it might happen at the tranquility of darkness, when healing slowly creeps on to your pillow, places beautiful dreams underneath it and you sleep, peacefully.

Healing will come, because you deserve all of it.



To the one who has always been there for me.

To the one, who lifts me up when the world throws me down.

To the one, who replies to every text message no matter what and answers every damn call.

To the one, who turns my sobbing conversations and continuous rant into a laugh riot.

To the one, who never complains or gets tired of my unexpected drunk calls.

To the one, who sends ugly Snapchat pictures to cheer me up whenever I am upset.

To the one, who advises me on relationships and is my solace in heartbreaks.

To the one, who criticises me for my bad habits but loves me anyway.

To the one, who has been a part of my life for a short time but feels like we have known each other for ever.

To the one, who is a part of all my cherishing memories and also of those to come.

To the one, who believes that I deserve all the love, success and infinite happiness.

To the one, I am proud to have as my best friend.

To the one, who will always have my back. For eternity.

To the one, who is my first and only true love in the world.

You are not just my best friend. You are my soulmate.

Don’t lose her

Don’t lose her if she is the first person you call when in any crisis.

Don’t lose her if she doesn’t mind picking up your call even at 4am in the morning.

Don’t lose her if she asks you to text her on reaching home, only because she wants to make sure that you are safe and fine. Because she cares about you.

Don’t lose her if she takes time out of her hectic schedule to have a conversation with you, just because you want to talk.

Don’t lose her if she is the one who never judges you. Don’t lose her if she accepts you just the way you are, whole-heartedly.

Don’t lose her if she never tries change you. Don’t lose her if you stay the unfiltered, real version of yourself when you are with her.

Don’t lose her if she doesn’t expresses her excitement and happiness over something happened to her at work, just because you are sad.

Don’t lose if she makes you feel beautiful about yourself.

Don’t lose her if you feel complete and worthy with her.

Don’t lose her if she is the answer to all your questions about love.

A person like her is a precious gem. Don’t lose her. Never.

My receipe of happiness

Isn’t happiness a key to a better life? Yes, it is. But where do you find it? The answer is simple. You don’t find happiness but create it yourself. Here, I present you my receipe for a heart full of happiness.

  • Work passionately: You cannot survive without any passion. Whatever you do, you need to develop a passion for it. Only then, you will be able to create a joyful atmosphere. We need to love our job before creating a passion out of it. Do what you like and not what others tell you to.
  • Indulge in your favourite activity: Your favourite activity can be anything. It can be painting, sketching, music, reading, writing, sports etc. When you indulge in your hobbies, the mind automatically becomes contended. Mine is writing. So right now, I feel like the happiest person in the world.
  • Go for a makeover: This is one of the key ingredients of happiness. Boredom kills joys in life. So, go for a makeover. Get a new haircut or a new outfit. Change your current style. Try different nail colours. This will indeed give you something to cheer for.
  • Catch up with your best friends: Friends are an important part of our life. Always make it a point to hang out with your best friends more often. You may even rebuild contact with some of your old friends too. I bet, this will bring some happy memories back.
  • Get a little ‘me’ time: This concerns only ‘you’. Just sitting in the balcony with a hot cup of tea and a book as your company, or leaning back on your comfy bed and watching your favourite Netflix series or just listening to some of the classics. You need to spend a little time with yourself too.

You don’t need to go wandering to find happiness. You can create it on your own. Its always with you.

Hello September

September is here and I would like to say that this month got me many surprises already. I am kind of baffled but it has filled me with the feeling of profound joy. I have a lot of expectations from my own self too but people say they always tend to break. But, I don’t believe in it. I believe in earning the expectations. They are completely void of we don’t try to earn it. So, this September expect something more from yourself and do not chase but earn them.


As the sun sank down the horizon, the sky was spanned with multi-colours of orange and red. The clouds kept floating away from me, as if it’s their time to go home too.

A wave of balmy air brushed past my face, and all the bad memories of day just faded away. The dazzling light of the day, made way for a starry night. I stood below the blue-black sky oggling at the sheer brilliance of the full moon.

I’d never felt so positive ever in my life, like I did at that moment. The day had bought me dismality and gloominess but the night made it all right. I felt my feet dangling in the air and I was flying. Flying higher and higher.