Stay, for the countless moments we had created together

For the many hurdles that we had battled past triumphantly

For the empty mornings and the prickling nights

For the graceful springs and the hopeful rains

Stay, because there’s nothing more beautiful than to love and to be loved back.

Stay, because like seasons, circumstances change

Stay, because I want you to.



There is something about the way you talk. Your husky masculine voice bewitches and comforts me. Your words glide through my ears and pull every strings of my melting heart.

There is something about the way you walk. Your athletic body always makes me go weak in my knees. 

There is something about the way you smile. Watching your soft lips take a curve is the most captivating thing to be ever seen by me. Every time you smile, I fall for you, harder.

There is something about the way you hold me. Whenever you entwine your velvety hands around my waist, it sends a quiver through my every vein.

There is something about the way you sleep. When you close your deep brown eyes, resting your head on the pillow, my heart races faster seeing you that way. While asleep, you still look beautiful and perfect.

All this makes you just so irresistible!



I split opened all my wounds before you,

Incredulously, I even let you explore,

Explore the darkest chambers of my ruptured heart,

Then, you caressed my every scar,

Gently walked through my clandestine past,

I felt the chaos in my ocean calming down,

I felt the shackles uncoiling​, slowly

I felt my wings catching a flight,

And then all the grotty wounds began to heal, one by one

Making me realise that, people who truly love you, 

Would never try to scrape your scars,

But heal them, until they finally disappear.