Acceptance and hope

I’ve seen people battle it out for every precious second of their lives. Not a day goes without hurting a little bit more than yesterday, shedding an extra tear but still, they survive.

The things that keep them alive are acceptance. Acceptance towards the fact that, the path of life isn’t a cake walk and we have to fight no matter what.

Other thing is hope. A hope that one day, tomorrow will be better than today. A hope that, one day they are gonna make it to the summit, victorious, ready for yet another battle.



There is always something greater, much bigger than your problems. That can be your hope or determination. It can also be your perseverance or maybe, your will power.

So,just keep going. Because we all are shaped by our struggles. Sometimes, we may not succeed but surely learn.


Stay, for the countless moments we had created together

For the many hurdles that we had battled past triumphantly

For the empty mornings and the prickling nights

For the graceful springs and the hopeful rains

Stay, because there’s nothing more beautiful than to love and to be loved back.

Stay, because like seasons, circumstances change

Stay, because I want you to.

One day

One day, your scars would split wide open, bringing back to life those hurtful instances. No, you won’t be fuming with anger or your face turning red in embarrassment. Those scars will be a proof of your sheer courage and newfound existence. 

One day, the people who mocked you for your fate will hang their heads in shame. It won’t be yours, but their disgrace. 

One day, when the memories of the past would try to haunt you again, you won’t hide your face with fear. Instead, you won’t feel anything. That’s my dear, will be your victory.

One day, you are gonna meet someone, genuine. Someone who respects you for the person you are. 

Till then, be your own bedrock. Be your own companion. Believe that, all the beautiful things in this world awaits you. Having a little patience never really killed anybody.