To the one who never said sorry

I used to spent my days sulking over the fact that despite of being the cause of my sadness, you never dared to utter a simple ‘sorry’. It was always easy for you but for me, every minute was like a torture in hell.

I was never able to digest your happiness and cursed my fate for days like these. I hated every single thing about you. My heart was always burning in the volcano of anger. They were volcanoes.

But I also realised that, how all these things made me the most unhappy person in the world. This was killing me but I won’t let it happen. Because, you still didn’t care enough. My dreams, feelings, tears nothing mattered to you.

So, I decided to let go. I let go off my hatred for you. I let go off the fire of anger and disappointment and I was no longer going to curse my fate for you. Because my soul, deserved peace.

I have decided to step down and move on. But stepping down doesn’t mean that I lost anything, instead I found everything that I was always looking for. I was able to look around for people who really mattered to me and you were not the one. Anymore.

To the one who was never sorry, I forgive you.



You will never be enough for this world. People will always try to mould you into something, what they desire. They will leave no stone unturn and propell you to give up your identity.

But they don’t know that, there lies the fiercest soul in the garb of a mellow person. They don’t know that you have been through much greater obstacles than this.

They have no idea, as to how you have managed to free yourself from the shackles of the most inextricable knots of your life.

They don’t know that you are the rocks on the sea shore. Rocks that get hit by the majestic waves. But always strong enough to be hit by the another one.