I want to stay

With every passing hour,

It feels my time’s passing too,

All those things I want to say

I want to yell,

I want to fight,

But I think, this will

be over soon,

before I could say,

That I need you, I want you

Hear me out,

Are these signals still not okay?

I am standing by the cliff,

Save me, I pray

Hear me out, it’s not too late,

I fear my time’s passing,

But I want to stay.

People suffering from depression always feel that, those around them would never understand their problem. They start living in their different world, isolated away from everyone. So, it’s necessary that we create an environment where they would feel loved, worthy and wanted. Remember, that depression is a severe and sensitive matter and never hold that person responsible for it. It won’t get over in a span of just one night. Give them to heal as much as they want. Just make them to believe that, they can fully trust you.


People leave, memories don’t

It’s kinda tragic when the person who has been with you for the longest time, leaves.

The same person with who you shared the happiest moments, some quirkiness and craziness, and those nervous breakdowns.

The one who knows your fun, colourful side and also the darkest version of you.

The one who is the keeper of all your secrets, who stayed with you in your best days and never left you in the worst.

It’s wierd when you are sitting in cafe, all by yourself with an almost cold tea on the table, holding a bunch of pictures in your hands.

The pictures of two most happiest people in the world. You just can’t stop smiling looking at them.

Suddenly, it hits you up that it’s nothing like that in real life anymore. It feels like somebody just slapped you hard.

You feel the pain travelling down your body. The sad truth is; people leave but their memories don’t and that itself is disgusting.

But the pictures might be dead but the emotions don’t fade away easily.

You still hope that somewhere in another part if the world, even they hold the same pictures and feel sad, like you do.

You hope that the person, who you terribly miss, misses you too. Like you do.


I have waited
long enough
to be loved by
somebody else.

Someone who was
a picture in my dreams,
caressing my tender back,

entwined hands,
whispering softly, with
a mint-like breath.

I failed to realise
that dreams are made
of glass, that break
taking your heart away
to an isolated place.

What I see now, is
not a picture but
shadow that’s fading.
like the moon wanes
until one day when it
finally disappears
into the pitch-black sky.

And this shadow will
also disappears one day,
without leaving a trace.

This is me

This is me expunging all your memories from the past.

This is me getting over the songs that you made me listen and the movies that we watched together, tucked in a blanket with my hand wrapped in yours.

This is me not getting up in the middle of the night, to see if you’d dropped in a message saying that you’re sorry. That you want to get back together, and that you made a mistake walking away.

This is me deleting your number from my phone because whenever it rings, I don’t wish that it be yours.

This is me finally ready to answer all the suspecting questions of the people.

This is me not getting pissed off when they hang their heads in false concerns for me.

This is me not getting uncomfortable with the thought that, one day you are gonna meet someone and fall in love once again.

This is me not caring enough about you.

This is me reading my favourite romance novels again and again. Despite of all the cruelty in love, I still believe that the world is a better place to find someone.

I still believe that, not everyone is the same.

This is me letting go everything that makes me sad and wander towards obscurity. This is me letting you go.

This is me, loving myself more than anybody else. This is me, healing.

This is me, beautiful, like my own constellation.


To the one who has always been there for me.

To the one, who lifts me up when the world throws me down.

To the one, who replies to every text message no matter what and answers every damn call.

To the one, who turns my sobbing conversations and continuous rant into a laugh riot.

To the one, who never complains or gets tired of my unexpected drunk calls.

To the one, who sends ugly Snapchat pictures to cheer me up whenever I am upset.

To the one, who advises me on relationships and is my solace in heartbreaks.

To the one, who criticises me for my bad habits but loves me anyway.

To the one, who has been a part of my life for a short time but feels like we have known each other for ever.

To the one, who is a part of all my cherishing memories and also of those to come.

To the one, who believes that I deserve all the love, success and infinite happiness.

To the one, I am proud to have as my best friend.

To the one, who will always have my back. For eternity.

To the one, who is my first and only true love in the world.

You are not just my best friend. You are my soulmate.

Strong woman

People always ask you to change. They say that your straightforwardness hurt others. They say that you are too independent and strong-headed.

They don’t like the way you talk aor laugh. Because that feel that it’s demeaning for a woman to stay like that.

However, the truth is that, people don’t like a strong woman. They just don’t want to accept the fact that she doesn’t give a damn about what others feel or want to change about her.

People don’t like a strong woman, because they think that she isn’t sensitive enough.

People don’t like a strong woman, because they feel that she would never understand love.

These people think that they know everything but actually they are just ignorant fools who always resort to snap judgements.

They don’t know that a strong woman takes pride in who she is. She is comfortable in her own skin and celebrates her uniqueness everyday.

They don’t know that a strong woman possess a sensitive mind that feels for everyday. She is more compassionate and kind, always giving.

They don’t know that a strong woman has the most loving heart. She surrenders everything of her to the one she loves. She goes out of her way for the people closest to her.

You do the right thing to not give a damn to people who don’t know anything about you. Stay a strong woman that you always were.

Don’t lose her

Don’t lose her if she is the first person you call when in any crisis.

Don’t lose her if she doesn’t mind picking up your call even at 4am in the morning.

Don’t lose her if she asks you to text her on reaching home, only because she wants to make sure that you are safe and fine. Because she cares about you.

Don’t lose her if she takes time out of her hectic schedule to have a conversation with you, just because you want to talk.

Don’t lose her if she is the one who never judges you. Don’t lose her if she accepts you just the way you are, whole-heartedly.

Don’t lose her if she never tries change you. Don’t lose her if you stay the unfiltered, real version of yourself when you are with her.

Don’t lose her if she doesn’t expresses her excitement and happiness over something happened to her at work, just because you are sad.

Don’t lose if she makes you feel beautiful about yourself.

Don’t lose her if you feel complete and worthy with her.

Don’t lose her if she is the answer to all your questions about love.

A person like her is a precious gem. Don’t lose her. Never.


When I first started out with my blog, it was more of a casual thing for me. I did not take it much seriously and was super inconsistent.

In the initial three months, I barely wrote 4-5 blogs and rarely took any interest in writing more.

Exactly four months after the inception, a magic happened. I don’t know what inspired me but I began writing on a regular basis.

Almost everyday, I posted one or the other thing. Suddenly the idea of writing enthralled me and I couldn’t imagine a day without it.

It always felt a kind of achievement on clicking on that ‘publish’ button. After sometime, praises began to pour in. People also started commenting and sharing my blogs. Honestly, I was overwhelmed.

This month, I completed 200 blog posts and it feels like a milestone. All these months, I have always tried to write something that people could relate to.

Seeing the people writing nice things about me, fills my heart with much, much happiness.

I don’t get ideas and inspiration for writing everyday but I write just because I love it. And also because, I know that my lovely readers might be waiting for a new update.

When I got that notification of congratulating me for my 200th post, I was already seeing myself writing a 300th one or 400th, probably 1000 too.

Lastly, writing gives me immense satisfaction and joy and I thank my readers from the bottom of my heart for taking out a minute from their life to read my blog.

Keep reading! Love you allā¤