The Strongest

I am re-reading books that meant nothing to me a few years ago. I am listening to songs that I don’t even like. The day begins with a heaviness and the nights seem a little too longer. I have a corner in the house for myself and my solitude.

My dingy and craziest thoughts that would otherwise give me shivers of pain, find a solace in that corner. My mother says, I am her strongest child. The more sorted one.

Probably, she hasn’t been able to venture into my darkest places and look there. I feel sad for her, as she is in an illusion that her daughter cannot break easily.

But mom, the truth is, I am already shattered and falling into pieces. And I struggling to out them back again in places.

Yet, I am living. Courageously and with head held high. Because, you survived this way all your life. You never let the boat of your strength capsize into the ocean of those who depised you.

Yes, I am okay. I’ll fight. I’ll survive. As I am your daughter. Exactly your shadow.


The right ones

Stop chasing people who have already gone. The ones who left with cold goodbyes and empty promises. The ones who never ever dared to turn back and see that you were still hoping on for them.

These kind of people don’t deserve to be a part of your life.

Now it’s time to look around. You will see that there are people who genuinely care for you, the ones who are impatiently waiting to see your infectious smile once again.

The ones who are willing to pull you out of the choppy water that you are drowning in. They have offered you a hand. Hold it. That’s life.

People hurt, abandon you but the genuine others will go to any lenghts to make you feel worthy of all the beautiful things in this world. Don’t let them go.


Growing up, Cinderella was my most favourite princess. Her gazelle-like eyes, blonde cascade locks falling perfectly a little below the shoulders and the enigmatic smile made her appear like a goddess.

But, she had a lot more than just a pretty face. She was as beautiful inside as she was in the outside. She had a heart of gold and always wore it on her sleeves.

She was opulent of affection and love for people around, also the ones who did not seem to like her at all. And the virtue of kindness, made her priceless.

However, the most beautiful thing about Cinderella was that she never stopped being her truest self.

She never gave up against circumstances and always managed to keep a tiny smile across he face. Also, she never let the vibes of hatred around her ever harm the love she was gifted with.

That’s what Cinderella is. Merely, not just a princess.