Heavy downpour, chilling winds and the usual chaos on the streets marked the onset of a new morning. Even the incessant rains, couldn’t stop people who were determined enough to reach their destination on time. And I was one of them. 

I tried my best to tear the sheets of waters and find my way to the station. By the time I had boarded the train, rains stopped. I took a 8:43am local, that was specially reserved for the ladies. 

The scene inside the train was not different from everyday. Some women were talking on top of the voices, making the others cringe on their seats. Some of them had their eyes glued to the cellphones while some took comfort looking at the trail of greenery outside.

I preferred to join the women standing on the side of the door. I was neither interested in glancing at my cellphone nor the world outside. Instead, I took out a book to read. 

I was reading intensely, oblivious to the happenings around. So oblivious, I didn’t even realised that the train had stopped at the following two stations.  This time I took the effort to raise my head and the train to a another halt. Passengers started pouring in making me uncomfortable while I read. 

As the wheels of the train started moving, it experienced a nasty jerk, baffling the passengers. Lights went off and the train to a tranquil halt. I could hear people murmuring. There was noise but it was accompanied by a unusual silence. 

My petrified eyes were still stuck on the book, though I wasn’t reading. Suddenly, my mind got distracted to some news in the papers, where the train accident survivors confessed to have experienced jerks. 

It got moved on to some more foolish thoughts. I know, I was acting stupid. But my heart refused to cool down. 

Within few minutes, the train started moving again. It did not showed any glitches throughout the remaining journey, while we all got down safely. Pheww! All my earlier thoughts began to fade one by one, I took a sigh of relief. As the train left, I took a glance at it. A tiny smile appeared on my face, thinking about the scare that it just provided me.