Right way

Moments where I feel extremely low and think that I am going the wrong way are comparatively more than the ones, where I feel things are falling in right places.

But moments like this, motivates me to never stop my quest in finding the right way to do things.

And blogging certainly feels right, always.



You wished to abandon this life, 

A life lived under the shadows,

In the shadows of someone else,

They say, you got nothing.

Yes, heartbreaking it is to hear,

You lived a life,

That was a fallacy,

Dreams made of glass.

But, you know what,

They are the shadows,

Shadows that demotivate,

Shadows that pluck you, before you could blossom.

Shadows that pull you down, before you could fly

At that moment, you should think of nothing

But to prove them wrong, who wronged you.

Your dreams aren’t made of glass, but diamonds.

Those shadows can’t break them.

One thing that the shadows can’t do.