The stars dazzle in my eyes,

My skin, an abode of fireflies,

The moonlight is my cloak,

I am not a bird with broken wings,

When in darkness,

A light shines from within.

The demons won’t budge,

My angels too, are strong,

Even if the sun doesn’t rise,

And the storms won’t calm down,

When in darkness,

A light will always shine from within.



As the sun sank down the horizon, the sky was spanned with multi-colours of orange and red. The clouds kept floating away from me, as if it’s their time to go home too.

A wave of balmy air brushed past my face, and all the bad memories of day just faded away. The dazzling light of the day, made way for a starry night. I stood below the blue-black sky oggling at the sheer brilliance of the full moon.

I’d never felt so positive ever in my life, like I did at that moment. The day had bought me dismality and gloominess but the night made it all right. I felt my feet dangling in the air and I was flying. Flying higher and higher.

The Shooting star

Velvety black sky,

Illuminated by the luminous white moon,

Millions of stars ornated the cloudless canopy, embellishing it more.

Down there, I sat in silence,

Profusely crying for someone,

Who was once, mine

The brightness of the night,

Seemed like a curse to me, on my fate.

Just then, I spotted a shooting star,

Followed by its long shiny trail,

Bidding goodbye to the farm,

Where it had always stayed.

Up there, it was still radiant.

The moon didn’t lose its glow and the stars continued to beam

I chided at the thought of the sky, for not crying

Over losing of one of its precious gem.

Have the sky, moon and stars perfectly learned the art of ‘to let go’?

Have they, really?

What the stars say

The vast canopy of the sky, 

Was filled with millions of gleaming stars

Every star said something 

But only if I could understand 

I stared at them, with deep melancholic eyes 

Almost turning watery 

While reminiscing the days,

When I had no one, but them

I stared again, but this time a little harder 

Just then, he held my hand 

Taking close to his chest 

As we lay bedside each other,

Under the dark carpet of the sky

And he said, pointing at the brightest star

“That’s you. You lit up my world”

I could say nothing, but smile 

Finally knowing, what the stars said.