I hope

I hope you realise how beautiful you are. And with beautiful, I don’t mean your looks, but your soul. Your kind, loving, courageous and a selfless soul.

I hope you look beyond your flaws and blemishes. I hope you notice the virtues that you own, the virtues that make you a better human being.

I hope you understand how life is not supposed to be easy. It will give you moments of sheer joy and happiness, but it will also give you the thrills, the tears, the setbacks.

I hope you try to find peace and not just by meditating. Find peace in watching the sunrise and sunset, peace in the innocent smile of a baby, a sight of two people in love or just by sitting at the coffee shop, reading your favourite book.

I hope you calm down and relax. I hope you cut yourself from the shackles of a daily routine and do what you always wanted to.

Go partying at night with your best friends, plan a small trip, go to an unknown destination, meet new people.

I hope you fall in love. Fall in love with yourself, the scars, the vices, the real unfiltered you.

I just hope, you fall in love with your life.

PS: I guess my posts have become a bit repetitive.


The Strongest

I am re-reading books that meant nothing to me a few years ago. I am listening to songs that I don’t even like. The day begins with a heaviness and the nights seem a little too longer. I have a corner in the house for myself and my solitude.

My dingy and craziest thoughts that would otherwise give me shivers of pain, find a solace in that corner. My mother says, I am her strongest child. The more sorted one.

Probably, she hasn’t been able to venture into my darkest places and look there. I feel sad for her, as she is in an illusion that her daughter cannot break easily.

But mom, the truth is, I am already shattered and falling into pieces. And I struggling to out them back again in places.

Yet, I am living. Courageously and with head held high. Because, you survived this way all your life. You never let the boat of your strength capsize into the ocean of those who depised you.

Yes, I am okay. I’ll fight. I’ll survive. As I am your daughter. Exactly your shadow.


I know you’re hurting right now. And I am not saying that the pain would fade right away. It would take some time.

It might take weeks, months, years but till then you have to stay strong. You don’t have to put a bright, smiling face in order to cover up the sadness.

It’s okay to express what you feel and nobody can judge you for that. It’s okay to not pretend to be happy when everything inside you is crushing.

This will hurt but people are gonna leave you.

You’ll lose some of your friends but the real ones will stick by your side. They will listen to you, reach out to you and trust, these are the people with whom you have to go till the end.

There are gonna be times, when you would feel like not making out of the bed.

But sometimes, courage is just waking up and completing your morning chores. Sometimes, courage is just doing the job like you always did, giving your best. Sometimes, courage is just living everyday when you feel like dying.

Just keep going and one day, you are gonna walk the streets with pride in your eyes. With a real smile brighter, beautiful than the moon and the stars.

Acceptance and hope

I’ve seen people battle it out for every precious second of their lives. Not a day goes without hurting a little bit more than yesterday, shedding an extra tear but still, they survive.

The things that keep them alive are acceptance. Acceptance towards the fact that, the path of life isn’t a cake walk and we have to fight no matter what.

Other thing is hope. A hope that one day, tomorrow will be better than today. A hope that, one day they are gonna make it to the summit, victorious, ready for yet another battle.

Strong woman

People always ask you to change. They say that your straightforwardness hurt others. They say that you are too independent and strong-headed.

They don’t like the way you talk aor laugh. Because that feel that it’s demeaning for a woman to stay like that.

However, the truth is that, people don’t like a strong woman. They just don’t want to accept the fact that she doesn’t give a damn about what others feel or want to change about her.

People don’t like a strong woman, because they think that she isn’t sensitive enough.

People don’t like a strong woman, because they feel that she would never understand love.

These people think that they know everything but actually they are just ignorant fools who always resort to snap judgements.

They don’t know that a strong woman takes pride in who she is. She is comfortable in her own skin and celebrates her uniqueness everyday.

They don’t know that a strong woman possess a sensitive mind that feels for everyday. She is more compassionate and kind, always giving.

They don’t know that a strong woman has the most loving heart. She surrenders everything of her to the one she loves. She goes out of her way for the people closest to her.

You do the right thing to not give a damn to people who don’t know anything about you. Stay a strong woman that you always were.


You wished to abandon this life, 

A life lived under the shadows,

In the shadows of someone else,

They say, you got nothing.

Yes, heartbreaking it is to hear,

You lived a life,

That was a fallacy,

Dreams made of glass.

But, you know what,

They are the shadows,

Shadows that demotivate,

Shadows that pluck you, before you could blossom.

Shadows that pull you down, before you could fly

At that moment, you should think of nothing

But to prove them wrong, who wronged you.

Your dreams aren’t made of glass, but diamonds.

Those shadows can’t break them.

One thing that the shadows can’t do.