One day

One day, your scars would split wide open, bringing back to life those hurtful instances. No, you won’t be fuming with anger or your face turning red in embarrassment. Those scars will be a proof of your sheer courage and newfound existence. 

One day, the people who mocked you for your fate will hang their heads in shame. It won’t be yours, but their disgrace. 

One day, when the memories of the past would try to haunt you again, you won’t hide your face with fear. Instead, you won’t feel anything. That’s my dear, will be your victory.

One day, you are gonna meet someone, genuine. Someone who respects you for the person you are. 

Till then, be your own bedrock. Be your own companion. Believe that, all the beautiful things in this world awaits you. Having a little patience never really killed anybody. 


Beyond that smile

It was another beautiful day. Clear blue sky, chirping birds, brownish-red leaves spread across the ground, whistling cool gentle wind and the huge golden sun. It’s rays were dazzling the waters of the pond making it appear as if there are tiny diamonds floating. 

Some people were running for work while some were simply jogging. The olderly were serenely sitting on the benches while some were playing with their puppies. One of the joggers was Sara, a 26-year old single mother who lost her beloved husband 3 months ago in a car accident. She works as a 5th grade teacher at a local school.

Jamal was running late for work. He has been working at the law firm for the past 5 years and is always described by his bosses as the loyal, honest and a dedicative employee. But recently he has been irregular to work and sometimes he doesn’t even make it. Actually, Jamal’s 10-year old daughter was diagnosis with cancer 2 months ago and he is doing his best to ensure her well-being​. However, he is finding it difficult to juggle work and taking care of his lovely daughter. 

The senior citizen sitting on the bench is 70-year old Kishan. He often comes for a stroll in the park and stays there for hours. And then heads back to his abode, the home for elderly. Two years back, Kishan’s son left falsely him at the old-age home with promise that he would come back later. Kishan still awaits for his son to return. 

Every single person in this world has a story. Every one is struggling to survive against all odds of life. Some are fathomable while some are simply insurmountable. 

We would never know what a person hides behind that beaming smile or the twinkling eyes! Not all smiling people are always happy. Some know to pretend better while some are never able to hold what’s troubling them inside. 

So before we ever judge or speak ill of any one, just know that the person must be going through hell. That person might be struggling everyday to find  courage to live in this world. At the end of the day, the person chooses to survive and conquer.