I want to stay

With every passing hour,

It feels my time’s passing too,

All those things I want to say

I want to yell,

I want to fight,

But I think, this will

be over soon,

before I could say,

That I need you, I want you

Hear me out,

Are these signals still not okay?

I am standing by the cliff,

Save me, I pray

Hear me out, it’s not too late,

I fear my time’s passing,

But I want to stay.

People suffering from depression always feel that, those around them would never understand their problem. They start living in their different world, isolated away from everyone. So, it’s necessary that we create an environment where they would feel loved, worthy and wanted. Remember, that depression is a severe and sensitive matter and never hold that person responsible for it. It won’t get over in a span of just one night. Give them to heal as much as they want. Just make them to believe that, they can fully trust you.


People leave, memories don’t

It’s kinda tragic when the person who has been with you for the longest time, leaves.

The same person with who you shared the happiest moments, some quirkiness and craziness, and those nervous breakdowns.

The one who knows your fun, colourful side and also the darkest version of you.

The one who is the keeper of all your secrets, who stayed with you in your best days and never left you in the worst.

It’s wierd when you are sitting in cafe, all by yourself with an almost cold tea on the table, holding a bunch of pictures in your hands.

The pictures of two most happiest people in the world. You just can’t stop smiling looking at them.

Suddenly, it hits you up that it’s nothing like that in real life anymore. It feels like somebody just slapped you hard.

You feel the pain travelling down your body. The sad truth is; people leave but their memories don’t and that itself is disgusting.

But the pictures might be dead but the emotions don’t fade away easily.

You still hope that somewhere in another part if the world, even they hold the same pictures and feel sad, like you do.

You hope that the person, who you terribly miss, misses you too. Like you do.


The stars dazzle in my eyes,

My skin, an abode of fireflies,

The moonlight is my cloak,

I am not a bird with broken wings,

When in darkness,

A light shines from within.

The demons won’t budge,

My angels too, are strong,

Even if the sun doesn’t rise,

And the storms won’t calm down,

When in darkness,

A light will always shine from within.


We hold on to some people, get attached and expect so much from them that, when they leave, it feels like the end of the world. Like someone has taken away everything you love deeply.

You have to accept that even the most beautiful thing breaks.

With time, we realise that not everyone who is a part of our life, is meant to stay. But those people, unknowingly walk away teaching us the best lessons of life.


If I don’t like any picture clicked by me or just something sent by someone else, I just delete it.

And life goes on. I click more pictures without even thinking about the erased one like it never existed for me.

I wish it was that easy for us to delete some unwanted or painful memories that are etched in our minds. In our hearts.

Conversations with self

I like spending time with myself sometimes. Isn’t it great to have all the time for us?

You are absolutely free to speak anything and everything, or even cry if you feel like without the fear of being judged by anybody.

Conversing with one’s self is the best part of the solitude.

Patting yourself for some achievement of the day, pointing out your own mistakes and promising to not repeat it in the future, laugh reminiscing at something your best friend said, or crying because you are hurt, all form a part of your conversation.

It feels good to come back to yourself at the end of day, filled with chaos, voices of people still reverberating in your head or the irritating sounds of vehicles.

There are days where you feel extremely pumped up and over the moon, where you wish for those moments again and again.

But there are also days where hopping into the bed and laugh watching your favorite rom-com feels like a burden on your shoulders.

So just look into the mirror, clench your fist and say that this might not be your very best day, but no matter what you are gonna bounce back tomorrow and be back with a bang.